Blood Group


Short fiction film. 12 minutes. World Premiere IFFR. Produced by PRPL. Distribution by Radiator Sales. With Rik Hautvast, Bart Harder & Bob Fosko. Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam & Cinecrowd.

Radiator Sales


Danny (35) lives in the middle of nowhere in a caravan with his Irish wolfhound. His only contact with the outer world are the videos he makes of his own football tricks for YouTube. When his brother Brian shows up, who he hasn’t seen for 15 years, he tells Danny that their father does not have long to live anymore and wants Danny to join him to say their final goodbye. Danny angrily sends him away. Brian’s message triggers the memory of Danny’s traumatic childhood and the ghost of his abusive father starts to hunt him. Slowly Danny starts to lose control over his carefully constructed life and now Danny is forced to find a way to break free from the demons of his past.