Commercial. FC Utrecht, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital and Ubuntu Sport join forces for chronically ill children. It seems so obvious: children play sports and exercise; after all, it's fun and healthy.

Promo. 2 minutes. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Exhibition Fra Bartolomeo - The Divine Renaissance. A short video that introduces the new exhibition on Fra Bartolomeo one of the big four

Documentary feature. 5 episodes of 15 minutes. Nanjing TV. Dutch Design Week 2016. The films portray the personal side of the exchange between five Dutch designers and five Chinese craftsmen.

Aftermovie. 7 minutes. Corporate Curling event organised by Vroes. Instead of a regular aftermovie we created a story of a cleaner who works in a company and wants to join Exhibition film. 5 minutes. Museum Nune Ville. In collaboration with Edhv we created a short film of 7 artists contributing to the show The Vincent Affair. The film portraits

Promo video. 1 minute. For the Social Media Marketing company Jekkoos, we created a promo that shows who they are and what they are good at.

Promo video. 1 minute. For 'Dag van de Dialoog Rotterdam' we made a promo that deals with contemporary issues in Rotterdam and asks citizens to participate in the discussion to

Music video. 4 minutes. J.W. Minnaard - I Wish I was a Healer - album High & Dry. The melancholic sound of J.W. Minnaard in combination with alienated images of

Music video. 5 minutes. For the enormous talented band Wolf in Loveland, we created the music video 'The Devil Has No Home'. They played on the Dutch public broadcast talkshow

Promo. 3 minutes. In assignment of Gemeente Rotterdam & Hogeschool Rotterdam. A short video of the celebration of One Year Resilient Rotterdam. With Rotterdam mayor Achmed Aboutaleb and many others.