Headbutt made it into the official selection of BAFTA recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival. The festival takes place in York UK from 8 - 12 November. About the festival: 'The

Out of 325 short stories Bunnik his story 'Schubben' (Scales) is selected to be part of the longlist of the Lowlands competition. The short stories are published by Nijgh en

NISI MASA. European Short Pitch. Blood group winner one of the best pitches. Bunnik wins the Aubagne International Film Festival Award. In 2018 during the film festival Bunnik will be

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Short fiction film. 10 minutes. Produced by Volya Films. With Nils Verkooijen & Felix Osinga. Synopsis: Headbutt is situated in the shared bedroom of Tobias (15) and Lucas (18) and

Short hybrid film. 5 minutes. World Premiere New York City Independent Film Festival. The film combines autobiographical voice over with fictional images and portrays the depressed feelings Bunnik had during

Short documentary film. 7 minutes. 3 awards. 27 filmfestivals. Graduation film Piet Zwart Institute, WdKA, 2012. In this diptych, Bunnik, depicts the struggles of observing the ageing bodies of his

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Promo. 3 minutes. Gemeente Rotterdam & Hogeschool Rotterdam. A short video of the celebration of One Year Resilient Rotterdam. You can watch the full video here: Resilient Rotterdam.

Promo. 2 minutes. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Exhibition Fra Bartolomeo - The Divine Renaissance. A short video that introduces the new exhibition on Fra Bartolomeo one of the big four

Documentary feature. 5 episodes of 15 minutes.  Nanjing TV. Dutch Design Week 2016. The films portray the personal side of the exchange between five Dutch designers and five Chinese craftsmen.

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